New Release 2018 新推出
耶穌的名 The Name of Jesus (粤語敬拜專輯二)

香港: 現已在 基道書樓,天道書樓,同福悠然一閣出售

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原創廣東話敬拜讚美詩歌 Original Compositions

Shout Your Praise 粤語敬拜專輯一

爸父的擁抱 Abba's Embrace (原創廣東話敬拜讚美詩歌 Original Compositions)

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The Bible tells us again and again to sing new songs to the Lord.  We believe new songs will naturally flow out of a worshiper’s life that is filled with praise, surrendering, and intimacy with Abba.  We believe new songs are just an outpouring of our lives, our love for our King.  As we draw close to God, the Holy Spirit bestows new songs to us.  We are to declare the songs of praise, His praises to the nations – bringing His power, His glory and His Kingdom to the nations.

聖經一次又一次告訴我們要向主唱新歌。我們相信,倘若一個敬拜者生活中常常充滿著讚美,降服於主,並與爸父有親密關係,新的歌曲會自然地流露出來。當我們親近父神,聖靈賜下新歌給我們。我們要極力讚美祂,用詩歌宣掦祂的讚美 - 讓祂的國度,權柄,和榮耀,傳到萬國。

He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. 
Psalm 詩篇 40:3 NIV

We believe the songs come from the Lord and belong to the Lord.  He is the one who put the new songs in our mouths.  You might wonder why you do not see names on these songs, but only that they are all copyright under Shout Your Praise.  Our goal is to make His name known, not ours.  We pray that through these songs, the hearts of man will be drawn to God to worship Him in spirit and in truth.  We pray that you have been blessed and touched by the Lord through the new songs.  


Copyright 版權

We pray that the songs are a blessing to you and we would love for you to use the songs to praise and worship God.  Please feel free to use and sing at church, conferences and events.  For leading worship purposes, feel free to share song sheets with worship teams.  

But for other usage such as use of songs to publish, distribute, sell, record, print, as background music for videos or slide shows, etc, please contact us and apply for a license and right to use by writing. 

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Please consider supporting us with your donation.  Shout Your Praise is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your donation enables us to share more new songs with you and to bring blessings to many others through worship training, worship nights and other events.  

Shout Your Praise 是一個非牟利團體,誠意地邀請您支持我們,您的奉獻幫助我們推出更多新歌和培訓工作,讓更多人得到祝福。

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