Worship Training School 敬拜訓練學校

Our goal in the worship training school is to impart the heart of worship, the pursuit of holiness, and the spirit of excellence to our students – to sharpen our heart, our spirit, and our musical skills for the purpose of worship.  

我們敬拜培訓學校的目的是要教導傳授學生,去追求聖潔,培育清潔的心,活出全人全面的敬拜人生 - 不斷提升我們,在心靈並音樂技能都有長進,將我們最好的獻上作為聖潔蒙神悦納的敬拜。

Training Course 培訓課程

We collaborate with local churches of various denominations to do on-site training and work with their praise and worship teams to build up the worship ministry at their church.  

Teaching and experience go hand in hand.  Each training session includes both Biblical teaching and experiential worship as well as musical training:

  • Praise & Worship 敬拜讚美 – entering into the presence of God
  • Biblical Teaching 聖經教導 – cultivating the heart of worship 
  • Musical Workshop 技巧訓練 – sharpening the musical skills

Topics include 課題包括:

  • What is worship 敬拜是什麼
  • Living the Levitical lifestyle 活出利末祭司身份
  • Cultivating intimacy with Abba Father 培育與爸父的親密闕係
  • Team Building and Developing team unity 建立圑隊合一

Each training session also includes instrumental breakout sessions as well as band jam to work on musical skills and the practical aspects of leading worship.  

One-on-One Training

Besides working with local churches, we also serve Christians of various ages, denominations, languages and ethnic backgrounds, who have a desire to worship and to lead worship.  We offer one-on-one musical training to equip and empower worshipers to serve in worship through:

  • worship leading
  • piano/keyboard
  • guitar
  • bass
  • drums
  • song writing
  • song arrangement and production

Our God is a creative God.  We believe that each of us has inherited some of God’s creativity since we are all made in His image.  We want to inspire worshipers to use our God-given creativity and gifts to praise Him and to give Him glory

Please contact us at info@sypworship.org.